Photowalk April 2013

House of Magdalena Jalandoni (Kasanag well-being center)


One of the most prolific female Filipino writers of our country is Magdalena Jalandoni. And do you know that she live in our district here in Jaro? Her house is located a walking distance away from the Jaro plaza.

I visited her house for the first time way back in high school. I remember to visit it again it is juts near to our house. Her house now is a “hilot” center or what we can also call a spa. It is now renovated and the antiques are gone because it is transfer. I remember the days where the place is full of old stuff. The one that amazed me is the vinyl player. It is not “automatic” but you must wind it up so you can listen to the sound.

The place today is still the same they still remain the paintings on the walls and it is more spacious.

House of Magdalena Jalandoni (now Kasanag)


Wala nang sauce ang siopao

I remember the days as a kid when I have my siopao pasalubong from Roberto’s. One of the famous restaurants in Iloilo is Roberto’s, located along Jm Basa Street. Actually it is my second visit in this restaurant. As what I have observed this restaurant is always busy. There is always a flock of people in the cashier.

My last visit was in my high school years and the interior is not that modern. I went there and the place is now renovated. All the tables are occupied and it is really busy inside. Waiters and orders move fast, it is like a semi fast-food chain.

I ordered meatballs and a cup of rice (I’m just not hungry that time). It was delightful one of the tastiest meatballs I have eaten.

This resto is one of the pillars of the fastfood/restaurant in Iloilo city. I’ll suggest if you’re not an Ilonggo, try to visit this place.  


Central Shoe Emporium

Clean Dirty

Slippers… nothing special it just gives protection to your feet. But to us Filipinos slippers are like our staple shoe. We use slippers most of the time especially when not in work or in school. Slippers to us is not just for wearing and protection, we also use this in our childhood games, like the “tumbang preso” and the version of our heads or tails the “clean dirty”.

While walking in JM Basa St., I was dragged by the colorful “tsinelas” displayed in front of a store. I took some photos with my Nikon d3100 camera for documentation. The store was Central Shoe Emporium. I was not just amazed by the colors but I was amazed also by its price. It was cheaper, and the rubber slippers they are selling are comfortable to the feet. I check my pocket and I have extra money so I bought one.

Central Shoe Emporium